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Recently had a chance to set-up a Simability accessible steering kit for SpecialEffect. Hugely impressive, putting analogue steering and braking all on one steering set-up. This allows for a high quality experience for those unable to use the pedals. It also can be played one-handed.

The Thrustmaster force feedback for the kit we used was brilliant, if perhaps a little strong in some games that don't allow you to turn it down. The bases we purchased were the T300 servo base for PS3/PS4/PC and a TX Servo base for PC/Xbox One, with Simability supplying the rest.

There's an alternative worth looking at linked to 2ArmDrive and adapting a Fanatec Universal Hub. Do check out the SpecialEffect post which has details on the brilliant accessibility options in Forza 7 for the Xbox One.

Lots more driving posts here including a link to the adapted Namco arcade machine below. Also a cheaper if no where near as good mod to add Xbox 360 thumb-sticks to a steering wheel.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop Various section.

Wheelchair accessible Namco racing arcade game.


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