Low Vision and Blind Accessible Gaming

Andrew Campana, recently posted an excellent article on blind accessible gaming. Above are a couple of glimpses at some early Audio game console titles. Makes me wish someone would make an English version of Kenji Eno's / Warp's pioneering Kaze No Regret (Regret of the Wind).

Zoomax recently published an article on the perhaps co-incidental accessibility features in the Nintendo Switch game 1-2 Switch. Of note Zoomax are one of a number of companies selling digital magnifiers. You can also do some similar things using tablets and smart-phones. Ideal for slower-paced games for making small text and details a little easier to make out.

The Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch all feature some basic improvements for sight. More thought is needed though in the general gaming world for people cut out unnecessarily. 

Image of two cow-boys drawing a game controller at one another.


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