Game Controller Mixer (December update)

Image of game accessibility interface for switches and joysticks. LED display illuminated in rainbow effect. By Celtic Magic and

Game Controller Mixer with Titan Two and PS4 controller

Lady using Game Controller Mixer

Large wall mounted TV with pathway amongst greenery.

Expanded LED strip on Game Controller Mixer.

Game Cotnroller Mixer and how it connects to a Titan Two

Above is a sneak preview of the Game Controller Mixer in development between Celtic Magic and

In the pictures above, Gee from Lincolnshire is trialing an early pre-release set-up Graham Law of Celtic Magic has set-up. This is using sip-puff, a small number of controls and a light-bar (indicates mode) to open up the game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

The Mixer is hoped to be suitable for a very wide range of users with basic to complex needs. It makes use of the Titan Two adapter to connect to a wide variety of games machines. Lots in the pipeline!

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