Some Games of Accessibility Interest

4 Ever Transit Authority: I'm a massive fan of mellow or unusual games. 4 Ever Transit Authority fits both bills. It's simply a simulation of travelling freely around a city on a bus. It's relaxed and beautiful as something to have running in the background, or for a gentle journey. The great thing is that it's fully keyboard accessible, making it ideal for adaptation for single switch use. It's pay what you want. Love it.

Racing Apex: Stunning looking "low-poly" (think SEGA's Virtua Racer) race game. Hoping to make this one-switch accessible if possible. Some fantastic short animations on their Twitter page. The team have links to Burnout Paradise, which is a very good thing in my book.

Old Time Hockey: Not quite sure what to make of this (video here), as I love the accessibility modes, but not a big fan of punching people in the face. Anyway, out now for PS4, Steam (PC) and due for Xbox One and Switch soon so they say.

Megadrive Chill editions: AJ Ryan recently created a batch of modified "Chill Edition" games for improved access on Steam. I'm not sure if you can still play these, but a great thing. Cheats and mods are probably as old as video games. They remain so important for games that didn't originally give much thought to broader accessibility. The video below is of AJ playing arcade games with his feet (link to Chill Editions via Ian Hamilton and Bryce Johnson).

I'm making a game! Well, my friend William Pilgrim and I (with help of others) are making a game. It's a remake of possibly the world's first one-switch playable video game from 1975 and it's follow up from 1976. It's also said to be the first to feature a peace mode. :)

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