One Handed Controller (PS4 and Xbox One)

One Handed Controller: HORI Super Robot Wars Controller, adapted for Xbox One and PS4

Currently working on offering a top of the range one handed controller solution for Xbox One and PS4. Spent a day programming the brand new Titan Two adapter yesterday to give extra powers. Below is slot 1: Hold SELECT....

+ L-Stick LEFT = Left-stick acts as Left-stick mode (Blue LED)
+ L-Stick UP = Touch-pad mode (White LED)
+ L-Stick RIGHT = D-pad mode (Black LED)
+ L-Stick DOWN = Six-Axis mode (Green LED)

+ L3 = PS/XBOX
+ D-PAD = CHANGE SLOT (between slot 1 or more basic slot 2)

The left or right stick can be switched around using a physical toggle switch. Controls can be remapped on the PS4 or Xbox One via the in-built remapping options. It's slightly more powerful for left-handed players that can reach the physical D-pad with their thumbs. This Should work too on PS3, Xbox 360 and with a firmware tweak, PC and Raspberry Pi too.

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