Stronger Xbox Controller

Above is a step by step method of strengthening the thumbsticks on a wireless Xbox 360 controller. This was built for someone who was repeatedly breaking thumb-sticks on Xbox One controllers.

This is an Xbox 360 controller which with a wireless receiver can be used on PCs, Raspberry Pis and Xbox 360. With an appropriate adapter (I used a Titan Two) it can be used on Xbox One, PS4 and other machines quite easily.

The basics are as follows:

1. Get an Xbox 360 controller to adapt, and donor metal thumb stick units from the likes of a JoyTech PSone Jolt controller. An Armor 3 might do the trick too but I've not tried this. These are much stronger than the standard sticks.

2. Using desoldering braid (and a desoldering gun if available) remove the sticks from both controllers. You'll need to remove the left trigger (3 solder points and plastic clips) to get at the Xbox left-stick.

3. Firmly fit the metal thumb-stick units into place and solder onto the board. Replace the left-trigger assembly.

4. Use a stepper drill to widen the hole on the Xbox controller.

5. Check that the hole is big enough, or go back to step 4.

6. Brace the plastic thumb-sticks using SUGRU pushed firmly into the alternative thumb-stick tops. Ensure it does not touch any metal parts when fitted. Use some hot glue to further secure, and a little around the outer narrow shaft part. Aim for this to partly pad the stick, but still allow you full 360 degree movement.

7. Test all is good. If the plastic top part of the stick fails under stress, it's worth considering a turned wood alternative. Metal Xbox One Elite controller tops would need the shaft to be packed out with something very strong for them to be suitable, as they are too loose otherwise.

See more Do It Yourself help at the DIY pages.

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    Alternatively, the Pdp 048-093 Purple Xbox One controller (available from Argos in 2017) also has these metal sticks built in:  

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