Profile Shifting (Titan One and Titan Two adapters)

Profile shifting diagram on a HORI Pro controller for PS3/PS4.

For people using a reduced number of controls, for instance a single stick and a few buttons, it's often very difficult to take part in modern day games on game consoles. One of a number of things that can help immensely is profile shifting. People have been doing this for a long time in the likes of JoyToKey and more recently the brilliant UCR (Universal Controller Remapper)

Above if you tap a special "SHIFT" switch (here linked to the share/view/select/back button), you can swap the right-stick in func
tion between acting as the left or right-stick (for someone perhaps who can only use the right-stick and a few buttons). If you hold "SHIFT" and momentarily push the right-joystick in one of four directions detailed above, it will change the stick to act as the D-pad, Shape buttons, touch-pad or emulate six-axis controls. Two switches (X and O) will also change in function to give quick access to the essential Playstation/Xbox and Start/Options button.

The great thing about the Titan One and Titan Two adapters is that do away with the complexity and expense of an added PC for some benefiting from an easier set-up. For this, all that's needed is a printed crib sheet which can eventually be memorised ideally. Oh, and what's also needed is more games like FIFA that offer a simplified control scheme, so that you don't need every button, stick and feature on a controller to play. Roll on the day when "simplified controls" is a common option in games....

Titan Two adapter mock-up. Two USB ports on a grey and green box. Two buttons marked with up/down arrows. A small single digit seven-segment display.

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