New Shout Box Switch

Image of a Shout Box assistive technology device with microphone and switch adapted video game controller.

Image of a black and white box of electronics with dial, three LEDs and microphone grill. Text reads SHOUT BOX, with modes for pulse, toggle and normal.

The Shout Box is the result of a tie up between and Jason Hotchkiss. It gives an extra sound activated switch input to anyone who can make a deliberate sound, or puff of air. For people not getting on with speech recognition, or needing something that's much faster to react, this is ideal. Here's some possible uses....
  • Use with a switch adapted toy or gadget.
  • Use to play a one-switch game.
  • Use with a C-SID II and be the wind in Flower on the PS3/PS4.
  • Use as an extra control for any video game with an adapted controller.
  • Use to create art or music (probably using head-phones).
  • Use with the OneSwitch Pulse system to control a mouse, on screen keyboard and play games.
Added to the OneSwitch Accessible Gaming Shop.

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