Electronic Soup Podcast: Audio Games and How far we've come....

Above I've uploaded the 2010 SpecialEffect electronic soup podcast's to YouTube. The four-parts include audio games and playing with a visual impairment.

These were put together by Dark of AudioGames.net and myself for the much missed SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase and the Dave Banes Access Collective podcast. There's been some heartening progress since those podcasts, with audio games making it to more platforms, especially so iOS devices. Sony and Microsoft have added some good features to the PS4 and Xbox One, as indicated in the video below in the PS4 game Unchartered.

Microsoft have also just announced some helpful software development tools for live text to speech and vice versa for in game communications. Would love to see that expanded to emoticon use too and translated to whatever language you're using. A basic form of Bliss and Esperanto to help people of all kinds communicate.

Image of a customised set of over the ear headphones, themed on Michael Jackson's Thriller video. A werewolf bursts out of a door attached to a headphone, and zombies rise from their graves. Text reads, Special Effect, electronic soup podcast. A small can of Game Base condensed Electronic Soup can be seen at the bottom right.

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