Xbox One Co-Pilot Accessibility Feature

Image of a white controller, with text to the left reading Xbox Wireless Controller with five selectable boxes: Update, Assignation, Volume, Buzz and Turn on Co-Pilot.

Reads "Select the controller that your co-pilot will use".

Two white Xbox One controllers.

Had my first chance to play quickly with the Xbox One "Co-Pilot" feature today. It enables two wired or wireless Xbox controllers to be used together simultaneously both acting the same as one another.

It's a great boost for a number of accessibility uses, as well as the obvious one of two people playing a one-player game together. It would benefit from some more user-definable options (e.g. sensitivity of the analogue controls and remapping). It would also benefit from an on-screen test utility, so you can see what your controls do, and that they're all working, thinking of people using custom controllers.

It's due to be rolled out soon (I hope) for all Xbox One users. Really fantastic to see Microsoft slowly improving the access of their games console in this way. Hugely impressed.


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