Recent Custom Controllers

PS4 controller adapted for accessibility with grip mounted buttons.

Teensy 2.0++ Switch Interface - box with switch sockets.

Adapted Xbox 360 Tentacular controller with external mini-joysticks.

Xbox One with inner "B" button for better accessibility.

Adapted controller completing Gav Tan work.

Xbox One with plugin switch interface for better game access.

PS4 game accessibility adaptation, with 7 switch socket box.

PS3 Split fish wireless controller with Brook PS3 to PS4 adapter.

Shaz Hossain designed OneSwitch mini-joystick box.

Xbox One chopped controller.

It's been a busy time recently building controllers for SpecialEffect and OneSwitch. Some definitely better than others. Credit where due, the white controller was mostly by Gav Tan which I finished off. The 3D printed housing was by Shaz Hossain. Most recently, set-up a controller that enabled a single thumb-stick, smart-nav, switch and voice to get better control over a PS4 to play race games, Pure Pool and the like. Pretty chuffed with that one. More to follow.

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