Dear Telltale Games....

Image of two people, large subtitles and tiny dialogue text options, rendering the game inaccessible for many.

Tiny icons in Telltale Games Walking Dead.

I really like your style of games, but there's a few really easy to fix accessibility issues, that are a massive barrier as they stand.

1. Tiny text, tiny icons and pointless closed-captions size options: I can't read or see what options you're giving me since the latest engine build (on PS4), unless I sit close to my screen. And as you can see in the top picture, selecting large closed-captions is rendered utterly pointless when you can't actually read the dialogue options because "large text" is not applied across the board.

2. Button mashing: If you could offer an accessibility option to replace the QTE/Track and Field button mashing with something easier (aka possible), it would open the game up for many more.

3. Time: An accessibility option to give the player much longer to respond would take into account those with slower reading speeds (many reasons for this) or for those using slower input devices.

Telltale games are great if you can play them, but I'd say for too many, the games are unnecessarily inaccessible. It would take so little to fix this. I really hope you won't turn away from implementing these basic improvements. 


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