The History of Special Needs Technology in the UK

Two children using a TRS-80 concept keyboard to type fully formed words on a green-screen monitor. A blocky picture of a dog above a line, with the text here is, is displayed.

Tomorrow at the BETT show at the ExCel London in the Learn Live: SEN area (C438 near entrance N9), Open University Professor, Jane Seale will be presenting...

Learning from our histories: What can we draw from the experiences of experts in the field of special needs and technology that can inform our future practice?

Between 10:30 and 11 Jane will draw on examples from interviews she has conducted with 45 experts who have worked in the field of SEN and technology from the 1970's onwards. She will use the examples to discuss what we can learn from these histories to inform future practice.

You can follow this fascinating project at Jane's blog, "The History of Special Needs Technology in the UK".

An outline of a red bulb, with black text reading, "Brilliant Computing 1987 Catalogue. Switches, adaptors and computer software for the BBC Micro computer for special needs. PO Box 142, Bradford, BD3 0JN.


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