One Stick and Two Buttons: Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox One)

The short video above demos a Gaming Redux system for players who might use a single-joystick and perhaps two buttons or more. It's Call of Duty Ghosts on an Xbox One and this is the style:

Left-stick = MOVE/LOOK mode
A = SHOOT [tap] or JUMP [hold]
B = [change left-stick mode]

If you hold the stick then tap B, you can hold an action on (e.g. push-up in left-stick mode, tap B, to constantly walk forward - whilst you can aim and fire). Works surprisingly well.

This is work in progress, aimed at supporting a number of people at SpecialEffect and beyond. It uses Clive Galway's brand new Universal Control Remapper, JoyToKey and a Titan One adapter. Watch this space and enjoy some mellow music whilst this is developed into a fully usable system.

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GameBlast16: WMC Gamers

William Merritt Centre Gamers

WMC Centre Gamers - playing Tekken 6 using one-switch to play.

Brilliant to see the William Merritt Centre Gamers supporting the cause of accessible gaming with their GameBlast fund-raiser. They're a top outfit full of passionate video game players. Please click on the pictures above to find out more, or click this link to a short article.


Big New Prinz


The Ability to Ski

A brilliant short film from my friend Shaz Hossain shining a light on Disability Snowsport UK. Love the down-hill shots. I was there, and it cost me no effort.

For those with an aversion to risking aching bones, Namco's Alpine Racer 2 for MAME is a great. It's possible to play with one-switch too with a little adaptation. Play it with the doors and windows open in Winter to boost the realism. Maybe have someone flick ice at you too.


Enabled Japan

The four videos from Eiichi Tanaka's YouTube channel demonstrate some of the excellent stuff you can do with custom controls. Some of these are do it yourself creations, such as the cardboard controller and some  off the shelf. Most if not all are making use of the brilliant Titan One adapter.


Gaming Redux: Pure Pool and Snooker for One or Two Switches

Blue table, with yellow and red balls, one black ball in the distance. Cue and white ball in the foreground.

Included in the One Switch Pulse system is a profile for VooFoo Studios absolutely brilliant Pure Pool (Xbox One and PS4). There's a range of options, including UK pool (yellow and reds) and a download option for Snooker too, although I've yet to buy and test that out.

The system is very similar to the Pool Nation method seen before here, and can be of benefit potentially to anyone struggling with the pull-right stick back, hold, then push forward cue-action.

The only downside is that it's a bit fiddly to get to the free play (no rules) UK pool. These are the steps for PS4:

1. OPTIONS (pull up menu).
2. CROSS x2 ("My Games" >"Quick Game").
3. DOWN x2 then CROSS (select "Blackball").
4. DOWN then CROSS (select "Amateur").
5. CIRCLE (exit PlaystationPlus message unless you're already a member) then CROSS.
6. DOWN x3 (Practice Offline).
7. OPTIONS (pull up menu again).
8. CROSS ("My Game").
9. UP ("Free Play") > CROSS x2.
10. PLAY!!

Thankfully, you only have to do that once, as the game will remember your settings. A bit crazy though!

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