One Handed Controller Kit

Image of Titan One and Navigation Controller for one-handed video game play. Accessible gaming.

Soon to be added to the Accessible Gaming Shop, and available now is the new One Handed Controller Kit.

This is a one-handed controller that is wireless and will work on Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Raspberry Pie (RetroPie). It can also work on the Xbox 360, Wii-U and PC with additional adapters or tweaking.

It contains a range of special features including a quick way to change the stick function, six-axis (partial) emulation, touch-pad button for PS4, driving modes, FPS / Walking simulator modes and lots more.

Price will be £120 plus postage.

Instructions here.

Image of a PS3 Navigation controller, Wireless adapter and Titan One. Designed for disabled amputee gamers to help play on Xbox, Playstation, RetroPie, Wii-U and PC.

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