Chop Shop PS4 controller

Grips cut off, right-stick removed and a small finger button added.

Very reminiscent of the old JoyTech Mini-Jolt joypads, the joypad above is a chopped effort for SpecialEffect. They are quite easy to do, using a mix of a rotary cutting tool, packing material (I use bits cut from a margarine tub), hot glue and a few packs of black SUGRU.  The one above has the right-thumb-stick removed as it was not possible for the customer to use as is. To circumvent the power lost from that I built an optional set of Titan One profiles (based on a OneSwitch system) to enable the plugin switch (connected to R3) to act as a modifier.

This modifier enables the user to swap modes on the fly. For instance, hold the switch, push right and the left-stick becomes the right-stick. Hold the switch and pull down, and it becomes a six-axis controller. There's other modes for one-switch driving, FPS/walking simulator modes and loads more. You can grab the scripts here if interested, or get in touch for more help.

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