(Nearly) Off the Shelf Game Accessibility Solutions

Great to see my friend Brannon Zahand setting up the Video Game Accessibility YouTube channel.

His first video above shows how to create a versatile affordable solution for people needing twin joysticks with easier to reach / larger controls and buttons. It uses a Mayflash Arcade Fightstick F300 (available from eBay and the same system I'm using with my C-SID2) and a Titan One type adapter for the reconfiguration stuff.

The reconfiguration "scripts" in the video may look a little bit scary if you've never programmed anything before, but it's not a lot more difficult than copying and pasting at a basic level. If you go to the ConsoleTuner web-site you can find a range of useful accessibility scripts (search on "accessibility" of "specialeffect").

I recommend going for the Titan One over a Cronus device as the originator Jefferson Koppe is a long time supporter of the accessible gaming movement. He's personally helped me and others with a number of solutions in enabling otherwise disabled gamers. He was the originator of this type of device and I'm a big believer in supporting the supporters.

Looking forward to seeing what Brannon comes up with next.

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