The Future Sound of One Switch

Why visit

The largest source of one-switch games and switch information on the web.

The OneSwitch Blog has some of the latest news on switch access and “gaming redux”.

Adaptation service with help and advice in adapting toys, gadgets and games for switch use.

The OneSwitch Shop has a growing range of accessible gaming equipment, toys and gadgets including….

Nerf Water Pistol £40
Switch adapted water pistol with a large reservoir and flashing lights. Ideal for soaking friends, family and maybe the neighbour’s cat. Can also be used with coloured inks for art creation.

Electronic Dice £25
Bright lights and sounds on the press of a switch. Great for games, making random choices and more. Comes with a lucky-dip adventure game book.

Coming Soon….

One Switch Pulse: A system designed to make many PC, Playstation, Xbox and Raspberry Pi games playable with one switch.

One Switch 100 Book, the history of one switch accessible gaming including many untold stories and fantastic games.

New web-site with a database of switch accessible games, C-SID 2 and Impact switch interfaces, the Jason Hotchkiss Shout Box and more!

Adaptation service: I may be able to adapt your toy, controller or game to work with plug-in switches. Simple adaptations from £10.
Please get in touch for more information on switch products, ideas, switch gaming and suitable games, D.I.Y. help and much more. Click on the picture below to print off a OneSwitch flyer. Photo of a telescope at the seaside by Terry Bennett.

A range of switch adapted toys and video gaming equipment along with text copied in the main part of this post.

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