Light-weight Xbox One joypad

Black joypad with four gold round sockets in the inner grips.

The Xbox One joypad above has been made much lighter to use via an ingenious (and inexpensive) technique developed at SpecialEffect by Bill Donegan and Gavin Tan.

The main benefits in doing this are in making a controller that is far more comfortable for people with reduced strength, or those using their chin to play. You can see a D.I.Y. guide at OneSwitch and much of it is applicable to various other joypads for Playstation and Xbox.

The main difference (normally) with joypads is the TP (test points) that you can solder the switch sockets to. The pin-outs for the more recent Xbox One joypad are in the picture from Gav below (click on it for a bigger view). There's also some excellent pin-out / TP / "VIA" help for the Playstation 3 here.

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