"Enabling Freedom with Motor Control"

Diagram of a hanging canvus with a round ink plotting device suspended by two wires connected to motors and circuitry. To be controlled by eye-gaze.

The electronics company Element14 has recently announced 13 first stage winners of their Make Life Accessible - Enabling Freedom with Motor Control design challenge. It's not too late for anyone to enter the ultimate competition though. I've been given the honour of being on the judging panel, with my SpecialEffect hat on. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes from this.

The final date to enter a complete project is the 6th of June with the winners announced on the 21st of June. You can follow the latest updates on the Make Life Accessible Blog.

There are fantastic prizes on offer the prize list including an Oculus Rift with controller, GoPro Hero camera and to be featured on the Ben Heck Show. Here's some of the entrants so far:

  • 1. Yao Feng CN: Intelligent elbow motion assist module, provides assistance with upper arm movement
  • 2. Ambrogio Galbusera IT: Eye tracker and automated drawing system
  • 3. Douglas Wong CA: Solar powered device that directs sunlight onto a surface to melt snow
  • 4. David Delebassee BE: Pen top/cap remover
  • 5. Graham Webber SA: Smart storage system to make objects and items accessible
  • 6. Brenda Armour CA: Mobile resting station to lift cats up and down
  • 7. Carlos Rios MX: Vibrating glove for two way communication
  • 8. Benjamin Bonnal CH: Automated bedside drawer opener
  • 9. Mocanu Andreea Catalina RO: Motorized guiding stick for people with usual impairment
  • 10. Alexandros Pilios NL: MOBRAS: Motorized Brain Assist. Modular system with motion, assistive and brain modules
  • 11. Scott Coppersmith US: Motorized articulating table top
  • 12. Bram Kools NL: Adjustable room furniture
  • 13. Tyler Roush US: Motorizes carousel system to allow a person to reach something out of the top of a cupboard.

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