Everybody's Gone to the Rapture: Accessibility

silhouetted in white against an orange circle, a young woman and man holding hands on the brow of a hill surrounded by butterflies. Text underneath reads, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

Three megaphones drawn in black and orange. Text reads, Accessibility, Stop! Do you have everything you need!

The wonderful beautiful Everybody's Gone to the Rapture was released on Thursday on PC (via Steam) and features some new hugely enabling accessibility features.

In addition to the non-pressurised freedom to explore and discover and clear subtitles of the Playstation 4 version there is also:

• Audio Aid: gives visual clues as to where sounds are coming from if you are unable to hear clearly / at all.

• Crosshair: helps a little with motion sickness.

• Simplifed controls: The PS4 version presently forces you to use very fine six-axis motion control. Impossible/very-hard for quite a lot of people. Flicking this option on means all you need do is press the right-click whilst focussing on an orby-spirit thing. I'll be looking at taking advantage of this to create even further simplifed overall controls. Hopefully a one-switch version first.

Huge thanks to the hugely talented Jessica Curry and the team at The Chinese Room for making this happen.

Image of a telephone box in the green village of Yaghton. Three concentric circles in white overlay the telephone box, to indicate that sound is coming from this area.

Inside a 1980s UK style telephone box. A silver push button coin-operated phone, within a red framed cubicle with lots of glass. A Taxi advert is stuck to the wall. Subtitles read, "Stephen: Kate, if you can hear this, you need to shut down the optical array".

By a strong metal fence and gate, an orb floats in the air. The on-screen hint is to press the right-mouse-button.

Spirals of gold light emanate from the orb.

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