Audio Gaming in Mainstream Video Games

Killer Instinct, two player fighting video game. On the left side a multi-bladed grey armoured beast vs a bandaged fighter called Kan-Ra.

There's been some recent press interest in blind people playing main-stream video games. If it's possible, it's normally down to great audio design, and ideally, some high-contrast graphics. Here's some essential info:

AppleVis: A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple's range (with thanks to Julia Schofield). forums: has a fantastic community of people finding solutions. Some extra info from Ian Hamilton:

"Skullgirls would be a good one to start with, it has blind accessible gameplay in the same way as Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, but additionally through installing a bit of extra software called clipreader, you can have all of the text in the game (including menus etc) passed through to your screenreader.

Details and tutorial here:

"The audiogames forums are an absolute must. Many of the mainstream games that are regarded as being blind accessible by accident still have significant barriers in them, such as being not able to navigate menus, the community on the forums is the first port of call for getting around that (e.g. lists of how many button presses to get to certain menu options)."

Video above with walk through help via Gavin Tan of SpecialEffect. A little historical info here at the old Electronic Soup Podcasts.


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