GameBlast16: William Merritt Centre

The pictures above are a few from the brilliant William Merritt Centre at Gameblast16 in February. I was particularly chuffed to see that Colin and Maxine had programmed their own custom OneSwitch Pulse profiles to play Zelda on the Wii-U for team-play. Also that the sound switch was working out well. More news on all of that soon with hopes for greater power.

For the SpecialEffect fundraiser event Gameblast16, people across the country, and possibly the world, played marathon gaming events. The aim is to raise awareness and cash to support SE's on-going work to remove barriers from otherwise disabled people wanting to play games.  For many people, without the likes of SpecialEffect, finding accessible solutions can be an expensive, confusing and sometimes fruitless endeavour.

You should be able to see Tekken being played one-switch style here for a short time: (around 2 minutes 20 seconds in).

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