FIFA 16: Accessibility Boosts

This short video demonstrates three brilliant access features in FIFA 16.

1. Two-button mode: Although off-line only (who knows why) this allows some physically disabled players to use a wide range of controls, as well as simply offering a more accessible method of play.

2. Broad difficulty level adjustment: Hugely beneficial for a people finding FIFA too hard. You can make your own team far more accurate, and your opponent far less accurate.

3. Player direction recticle: Your active player is encircled by a kind of recticle, that tells you what way you are pushing the stick. Enormously useful for the method shown with 0 stick and 2 buttons.

Fingers crossed EA will soon include an on-line mode enabling two-button mode for head-to-head friendly games at least.

The FIFA 16 two-button profiles were created with thanks to


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