Dual Controls for Playstation 4

Above are two methods (and there are others including Titan One through a PC) to have two joypads simultaneously acting as the same controller on a Sony PS4.

The most expensive is the XIM4 method. You'll need a XIM4, PS4 Dual-Shock (plus connecting "Micro USB" charging cable) and a second controller. You can use a range of second controllers, including PS3 Dual-Shock via a Mini USB charging cable, Xbox 360 wired controller and so on. Configure the XIM4 for use with the PS4 (I use the Aliens profile they provide, then set-up the left-stick and buttons). I don't really like the XIM4 very much to be honest as I often have a horrible time connecting to it via Blue-tooth (Android or PC only). However, when it's set-up and if you don't need to change it, it is superb.

The least expensive I've found, is the XCM Cross Fire Converter 3.0. Plug a wired Xbox 360 joypad into the front port (or a PS3 with charging cable), and the PS4 joypad via a Micro USB charging cable into the trailing female USB socket. This seems the simplest and most affordable method so far.

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