One Stick and Two Buttons: Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox One)

The short video above demos a Gaming Redux system for players who might use a single-joystick and perhaps two buttons or more. It's Call of Duty Ghosts on an Xbox One and this is the style:

Left-stick = MOVE/LOOK mode
A = SHOOT [tap] or JUMP [hold]
B = [change left-stick mode]

If you hold the stick then tap B, you can hold an action on (e.g. push-up in left-stick mode, tap B, to constantly walk forward - whilst you can aim and fire). Works surprisingly well.

This is work in progress, aimed at supporting a number of people at SpecialEffect and beyond. It uses Clive Galway's brand new Universal Control Remapper, JoyToKey and a Titan One adapter. Watch this space and enjoy some mellow music whilst this is developed into a fully usable system.

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