Ultra-light Pressure Gaming: Marvellous Mojo

Photo of three zSensor sticks, mounted into position, with an analogue ultra-light sensitive joystick, on a tin tray covered with black material.

Ultra-sensitive sensors, that can be used as on/off switches, or analogue controls. Black rubber tips, attached to white plastic narrow cylinders. Each with a green round sticker on them.

A purple box with six LED strength displays, and 5 small white push buttons.

Image of a working area, where the Mojo 6 can be seen, with a monitor in the distance displaying the race game Blur in two player mode in Brighton.

Split screen race on Brighton beach.

At SpecialEffect, I've been investigating Celtic Magic's Mojo device. It's cutting edge technology, and as such, it's taken a bit of fettling to get it to the stage it's at now.

The stage it's at now, is likely the lightest pressure physical analogue joystick in existence. It's possible to expand the initial set-up in a very wide range of ways. Personally, I'm extremely keen to use some Gaming Redux methods, that will benefit all single stick and one or more button users. Hoping to work on this with Clive Galway over Christmas. This could open up most controls on Xbox and Playstation to such users, much like the OneSwitch Pulse system. I can see this having huge benefits for those without the strength to use standard controls to keep them playing.

Meanwhile, the set-up will be making a public debut this weekend for a Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) UK Christmas Party alongside some other fun stuff.

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