Switch Recipes Ideas

A pixelated side on view of two teams of two football players by their goals. The text, "push the button to somehow control your team" is displayed. Bottom right is a large blue button with an arrow pointing at it. The iOS Switch Recipe icon is about to be selected within the IOS switch accessibility menus. Accessible Gaming for one-switch play.

Following the fantastic news that Apple added the "Switch Recipes" function to iPads and iPhones, here's a video and link to help on how to get set-up.

0:05: Soccer Physics (Recipe taps the blue player 1 button).

0:39: Orbital ("Tap Middle of Screen" receipe, 30 second Time Out to leave mode to go to Point mode for changing menus).

1:40: Reading a book ("Turn Pages" recipe)

2:12: Beamz (Tap top left purple beam to play a Sitar recipe).

2:50: Pond (Swish the water recipe).

3:11: Fruit Ninja (setting up a horizontal slash recipe).

4:35: Mole Hammers (Recipe very quickly taps the blue button)

5:02: Sound Box (Recipe swishes some animated stars).

5:32: Yamaha Visual Performer Sparkle (five finger wiggle recipe).

5:49: Garage Band Smart Drums (setting up a quick tap to trigger the randomiser dice button with 20 seconds time-out to return to Point mode scanning).

7:12: Canabalt (taps the bottom right of the screen. Not too short, so you get a reasonable length of jump. This is just about playable, but would be improved by a momentary mode).

8:43: Camera (portrait take photos using a quick tap over the shutter button).

9:14: Escargot Escape Artistes ("Tap Middle of Screen" using the accessibility mode).

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