Xbox One Controller Remapping

Microsoft recently added their first accessibility options for the Xbox One console. This promising start has brought some basic remapping power to users as you can see in the excellent SpecialEffect video below.

The Forza 2 video above shows some instant benefits. A very easy modification to the Xbox One controller is to add two 3.5mm switch sockets to the thumb-stick push button contacts. The ability to change what these do, can open up a lot more games for otherwise disabled players, at little expense.

Xbox One remapping for two-switches. Accessibility features.

Here's a wish list for future development:

  • Allow for any analogue control to be mapped to any digital control, ideally with a way to adjust the sensitivity and power.
  • Allow for control duplicates. For example, I may want right-trigger to work when I pull the trigger and also if I press the RS button. Likewise, it can be useful to put two or more controls onto a single button (such as in Pinball or some First Person Shooters).
  • Multiple-profiles: Allow users to have more than one profile and give them a very quick and easy way to access them.
  • Add extra powers, such as latching, rapid-fire and so on.
  • Develop a tagging system within the operating system that allows games to correctly display what control does what.

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