Fear of The Future of Eye Tracking in Games

I read this article "How Eye Tracking Will Totally Change the Way you Game" and just could not share the excitement of the author. For an average gamer supplemental eye-tracking will likely be a fun addition. For some it will create a disabling effect. Adding an extra tier of control requirements will just add barrier upon barrier for some players, especially for those hoping to use eye-tracking as their main input device. Looking at the evolution of the Playstation joypad since the mid 1990s it has become more and more problematic for players needing to use less complex control schemes.

I can't blame Tobii for wishing to grow their business. I can't blame Sony especially for massively increasing the complexity of game controllers for those who can manage them. The solution can only come though if there is a concerted push for offering reduced control schemes in games. Maybe one digital stick and two-buttons as a common standard where appropriate. How could this come about though, I wonder....

Link via the excellent 7-128.com with thanks.


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