Xbox One and PS4: Accessibility Boosts

Ease of Access on Xbox One. Due in October 2015.

Thanks in no small part to impending USA legislation, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (the CVAA) kicking into video game relevance, Sony and (sometime this month) Microsoft are finally boosting the accessibility of their consoles. This is just in time for their deadline for compliance this month (October 2015).

Games released to the US market are exempt from CVAA accessibility law until January 2017 so there will be improvements there too. I really hope this won't be all though. The remapping options are far too basic for my liking on the PS4, with a single profile and little flexibility beyond the basics. Certainly no help for those unable to manage the track-pad and six-axis motion controls, and nothing for someone who might like to mix up the power of the thumb-sticks.

I see nothing particularly here to aid players with slower reactions, those unable to cope with complex controls and those needing far easier difficulty adjustment. These fledgling stepping stones are great news, but more is needed, especially so in aiding people facing cognitive and physical barriers.

Top image via AbleGamers, CVAA details via Ian Hamilton and

PS4 Accessibility features.

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