One Switch Pool Nation (PS3)

With thanks to Colin McDonnell, Clive Galway and SpecialEffect I recently created a way to play Pool Nation with a single switch. The key new part of this system was a way to emulate pulling back on the right-stick different amounts, then pushing full-forwards, all mapped to single button.

Thanks to Clive, the new version of the "One Switch Pulse" makes this possible, opening up lots of Pool and Golf games using this control.

The gear needed is a Titan One adapter with firmware updated, a Windows PC with switch, the One Switch Pulse software system and some patience to get it working (or contact me at SpecialEffect to help install it remotely). Will eventually update this for Pure Pool on Xbox One and Pool Nation FX on PS4 all being well.

Technical help: Within the Pulse "Bindings" tab, make sure the Hard Pool cue shot is E, Medium is F and Soft is G. The Pool cue settings should be similar to those below. You may wish to adjust the Medium and Soft settings a little bit, up or down 10%. Make sure the Direct Input is Enabled, and DI Settings are pointing to "vjoy". Pressing E, F or G on the keyboard or with a switch should see the lRy setting reflect pulling a right stick back then pushing it forward.

MaxAim DI: Playstation 3 settings via

MaxAim DI: vJoyDevice Direct Input Game Controller Settings

One Switch Pulse: With Pool Cue settings.

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