HaxBox: Range of controllers

HaxBox: Various controls to play a GameCube

The HaxBox project is an interesting accessible gaming merger/adapter in development. Details are fairly thin at the minute, but it's a box that allows for a mix of existing assistive technology and standard gaming controllers to be used on a range of different game consoles with minimal hassle for the user.

I'm not entirely sure how this will work with devices that require a special driver, such as head-trackers and eye-gaze units. It seems to replicate the root basics of a PC and Titan One system with JoyToKey but perhaps across to more consoles. I get the impression it will greatly simplify the process of connecting a mix of controls (mostly USB based I guess), removing some of the complexity of PC over console control. Not sure if it will allow for latching, auto-fire, profile shifting and so on. Very curious to find out more.

Looks like HaxBox will be tying up with AbleGamers with a Kickstarter in Autumn/Fall to try to bring it to those who want it. I'm a little wary of the claims on the web-site, but nonetheless, this looks like it will be a great bit of kit for a wide range of people.

Images and video via: AwesomeCast.net


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