2014: All Blogged One Switch Games

Psychedelic floral underwater out of space scene from Deep Under Sky

One Switch Games Blogged in 2014

Flappy Bird on Android, One Button Sports, Vector Pinball, Past Memories, Tower Bloxxx, Jet Pack Joyride, Dr. Bulbaceous, Text Adventure Games. On-line LEGO games. My Time. Peggle with 4Noah utility. 1D Pong, Catch Phrase, Deep Under the Sky. 16th of October - cracked one-switch gaming on consoles with thanks to work with Clive Galway and Shaul Eiz. Apple Switch Accessibility 1979-2014. Darwin Gater, Switch 'n' Shoot, c1ic Tiny Arcade and c1ic DJ Arkanoid. Also, Ian Bean's great new cause and effect activities created using Slideshow maker.

Favourite Other Posts of 2014

Quad-Stick, seeing the baton being passed on from accessible gaming legend Ken Yankelevitz. Accessible Pool. Go Baby Go! Project. Robo-tar. Fifa 2014 Redux (two-button playable). BBC Click Inclusive Games. Boccia Two Switch (now one-switch). Track N Trace (eye-gaze art). Max Headroom (Good Pals). A Light in Chorus (beautiful game). Switch Dice Roller. 1979 Electronic Generation. Joypad Mounting Solution for cheap using a selfie-stick. iPad Toucher (make most modern day touch screens switch accessible). Wii-U accessibility.

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