Wii-U Adapters and Titan One Update

XCM Maxfire Converter for Wii U and PS3: Image of a Maxfire Wii U adapter with keyboard, mouse and Xbox 360 joypad in photo too.

Nintendo are still making the most physically inaccessible game consoles for a lot of disabled people in my opinion. XCM are the key-player in trying to get around this with off the shelf solutions.

So far there's the Maxfire above and Maxgear Cross Fight adapter below to choose from should you wish to use alternative controls. The Maxfire above is the more versatile allowing for keyboards, mice and joypads to connect. The Cross Fight below is for Xbox 360 wired joypads only. I had hoped that the Titan One adapter would work with this, enabling speech, head-tracker, one-switch control and more. It didn't sadly last time I tested, but I've heard that there's been upgrades since, so I'm hoping to try this again over at SpecialEffect when I get a chance as I don't own a Wii-U yet.

For Xbox and Playstation, linked to SpecialEffect, I've also uploaded a range of scripts for the Titan One which give extra powers you can upload to this fantastic little device. Stuff like latching, toggling, alternating controls, reducing or amplifying the strength of analogue controls and so on.  See the Console Tuner GPC library and search on "SpecialEffect" or "Accessibility" for more.

Maxgear cross fight adapter for Xbox 360 to Wii U.

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