Three Boring Boxes: Lots of Exciting Access Potential

USB-UIRT Universal Infrared Receiver Transmitter for a PC. Control TV and other devices from a PC.

Endurance RC PCTx: Allows for a PC to connect to and control high-end radio control vehicles.

Compusult's USBox

These three pictures above aren't very exciting are they? The possibilities are though. The top box is a USB-UIRT Universal Infrared Receiver/Transmitter. The middle box is an Endurace RC PCTx for remote control vehicles. The bottom box is a Compusult USBox relay box that can control switch adapted equipment.

All three boxes allow for PC control over a wide range of equipment. As I understand the USB-UIRT will learn infrared signals from a TV remote and other similar devices (such as a LEGO train-set, remote control for a fan and so on) and allow all of them to be triggered by a PC interface. In principle this means one-switch control, head-tracker control, eye-gaze control and so on.

The Endurance RC PCTx needs a fairly high-end RC Transmitter, with a "Trainer Port [for a Buddy Box] capable of accepting a PPM signal". Likewise all kinds of accessible interfaces in theory could work this system. Liked their list of ideas:

  • Wireless robot controller
  • Pan and Tilt system for a video camera
  • Telepresence robot
  • Bomb disposal robot
  • Control system for a UAV
  • Steering wheel and foot pedal interface to R/C car
  • Industrial automation
  • Animatronics - puppets and effects

The Compusult USBox can control four (or more if you connect extra USBoxes) switch adapted items, one at a time presently. They've just recently improved the Java based software so that you can momentarily turn a device on/off making control much easier than this.

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