One Switch Minecraft

Minecraft: Blocky Steve with pick-axe in a small wooded area surrounded by a wolf, sheep and pig.

Minecraft: Flying high over a tropical forest.

A way to play Minecraft was requested by Colin and Maxine McDonnell and Nathan Popple. Through SpecialEffect I added this feature to the free One Switch Pulse system (requires a Titan One adapter). It was not a small feat, as this is a massively complex control set for a game.

Below is the current profile system (I've used Photoshop to make it a little clearer as to the divisions of control). You start off towards the bottom of the list with a choice of game control modes. First is the Menu Navigation mode (to get you started and change options). Next is access to Attack, Creative, Exploration (including flying) and Special Modes.

The Special Modes give access to taming horses and setting off fireworks presently. As a note, for horse taming, you have to repeatedly try to ride the horse once you find one (empty handed) until it stops throwing you off. You then need to get on it, equip yourself with a saddle, then use the horse inventory to place the saddle on the horse (top slot). Quite a faff, but fun once you've done it.

For less able one-switch users, this can work well with two switches, where a helper navigates the menu, then gives the main control (e.g. walk forwards) to the one-switch player. Just remember to move the Pulsing control to an unused button (e.g. 32). To see more on Gaming Redux click here.

Gaming Redux: One Switch method of playing Minecraft.

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