Hirake55.com Let's Project: Accessible Gaming in Japan

Video game accessibility adaptations date back to Pong and span the globe. Everyone wants to play. The video above is from Japan this month, linked to the fantastic "Let's Project" at Hirake55.com.

I can't follow all the translations, so have a look yourself if interested in robotics, 3D printing, OAK Kinect switch, electric wheelchair balloon bursting and accessible gaming: Hirake55.com and Sun Sun. For my Western feel, the room is a bit too 1960s clinical, but the work is brilliant and fully up to date. Cool to see the mix of technologies and from my side especially the Titan One and JoyToKey mix. Hope they'll consider using the Profile Shifting method and PULSE as used in many Gaming Redux methods.

Via: Eiichi Tanaka's YouTube channel.

Custom controller adapted for a Nintendo 3DS: Let's Project via Hirake55.com (Accessible Gaming)

JoyToKey and Titan One: Let's Project via Hirake55.com (Accessible Gaming)

Gran Turismo with accessible controllers being played be enabled gamers in Japan (Accessible Gaming / Game Accessibility).

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