Accessible Minecraft: One Switch and Eye Gaze

Minecraft played with One Switch by Colin McDonnell at William Merritt, with thanks to SpecialEffect and OneSwitch

Eye Gaze Minecraft playable with a single mouse, head-tracker or eye-gaze unit. Under construction by Bill Donegan at SpecialEffect.

Above from today on Twitter are two alternative ways of playing Minecraft. The top picture is of Colin McDonnell building a castle in Minecraft with a single switch, at the William Merritt centre. It's working better now thanks to Colin's play-testing, so thanks, Colin!

The bottom picture is a work in progress by my colleague at SpecialEffect, Bill Donegan and a tie-up with Smart Box. They've both worked on Minecraft longer than me, and are plotting to make Minecraft accessible with a single pointer device. That's eye-gaze, mouse, head-tracker and so on using The Grid 2. Very nice.

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  1. # Anonymous Neil Fitzgerald

    We have just created and released this new layout for controlling minecraft with a headpointer or eyegaze!  

  2. # Blogger

    Nice work. :) Any chance of a video?  

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