The National Videogame Arcade: LEPMIS Accessible Gaming Showcase

LEPMIS Accessible Gaming Controls

The National Videogame arcade

Canabalt with a pressure mat, jump to jump in the game.

This Tuesday (6:00 -7:30pm) in Nottingham's National VideoGame Arcade will be a showcase of LEPMIS accessible gaming equipment. Here's the blurb....

"The Long Eaton Powered Mobility Integration Service (LEPMIS) enables disabled gamers to play videogames on systems including the PS3 with custom switches and controls.

Come along to this free event to see and play with some of these unique interfaces. Geoff Harbach from LEPMIS will explain how they’re designed and built in response to an expert clinical analysis of players’ needs, and how disabled gamers can get access to them. Our panel discussion and audience questions and answers will also feature Professor David Brown from the Interactive Systems Research Group at Nottingham Trent University.

The showcase and presentation will be held in the National Videogame Arcade Lobby space, which is fully accessible through our main Carlton Street entrance.

Tickets are free, but please sign up to help us manage capacity, and so we can send you additional information regarding the event."

Great to see accessible gaming finding a temporary spot at the museum. Would love to see a permanent exhibition one day. Accessible gaming history deserves a rightful place there!

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