Project Iris and Eye Control Gaming

Had to share this after a quick chat with Markus Pröll of Kinesic Mouse fame. His latest Project Iris for the Tobii EyeX seems like an excellent thing. And I have to say the EyeX tracking seems a lot more accurate than the EyeTribe that I've been playing with recently.

I'm keen to test this out for console gaming using a Titan One, and also to play with the interactors serving as a way to shift entire profiles with JoyToKey as seen at an extreme level with one-switch Tekken 6. I don't have a Tobii EyeX (currently this is a requirement) so I'll try to borrow one from somewhere.

Earlier this year with help I found a way to get most/all Eye-Gaze systems working on Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3 and PS4. That was a very rough proof of concept work around. Since then I have found a willing volunteer, called Nigel Jones, who is working on building something heading towards a simple Track Mapper to open up a wide range of eye-tracker, camera mouse and other point tracking devices for console gaming. All fingers crossed.

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop: Head Controls section.

TrackMapper: convert head-movements to key presses

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