Light-Pressure custom gaming: Mojo and zSensors

Mojo 6, zSensor and Rainbow Compass

Accessible Gaming hardware: Rainbow compass to aid playing a car game.

Mojo Modular Joystick light pressure controls diagram for accessible gaming.

Mojo ultra light pressure joystick with custom stick.

Mojo ultra light pressure joystick with custom stick for game accessibility.

Mojo joystick base for magnetic connections.

Mojo 2 from Celtic Magic. Brains of the ultra-light pressure set-up.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying out a "Mojo" with a variety of accessories at SpecialEffect HQ.

The MoJo (short for Modular Joystick) is the expandable brain of a super-light pressure gaming set-up. The majority of the light controls make use of industrial quality "strain gauges" said to need less than 0.1 milligrams of force to use when at maximum sensitivity.

These gauges can be mounted in various ways, to be positioned at any part of the body that can use them. If there's movement, if only a flicker, this should prove to be a fantastic way to keep playing games, either alone, or as a blended mix of access technology.

The joysticks I tried had a low profile base, with magnetic attachments that you could easily custom build. I'm very excited about merging these with the likes of JoyToKey to make for powerful gaming set-ups.

There was much more beyond this as alluded to in the pictures and videos above, but I'll share more when I finally get my hands on a set to really play with.

Many thanks to Graham Law and Jackie Harrison of Celtic Magic who gave such a comprehensive overview of what the Mojo can do.

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