D.I.Y. Accessible Environmental Control and R/C Toys

The video above shows some early testing of a USBox which allows you to control four (or more) relays using key-board shortcuts. In this clip, I've set a single switch to alternate between latching SPIN on/off then latching GO on/off on a switch adapted Hitari Tumbler car. It's a little bit laggy, but it works.

The USBox is from Canada's Compusult, and links to Japan's Assist-i.net (I believe). I'm hoping they'll add a momentary mode, to really broaden out the use of this device.

As is, this system (I'm using it with a switch adapted joypad and JoyToKey) offers a way to bring highly affordable D.I.Y. environmental control to a wide range of users. It could also open up a lot of otherwise inaccessible toys and radio controlled devices. Fingers crossed!

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