Air Hockey Robot: Accessibility Possibilities

Robot Air Hockey - with ideas for one-switch air-hockey and eye-gaze air hockey.

The Air Hockey Robot Project above is currently used to create a robot opponent to a single human player. JJ Robots are selling parts of the kit to build your own.

An exciting potential upgrade to this project would be to allow for the robot to be controlled by an otherwise disabled human. You could put the puck under the control of a head-tracker, analogue joystick and other controllers quite easily I'd guess. With an added assist algorithm eye-gaze and one single button would be possible. How? By implementing the system first seen in the mobile phone game Jamdat Air Hockey.

This one-button mobile phone game designed by Steve Wetherill can be played by a person who can hold and release a single button. The rough video below gives a glimpse of this below through a Java phone emulator and the Enter key alone.

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