Accessible Music: Robotar, ii-Music and Apollo Ensemble

Three excellent accessible music solutions above are of the Robotar, Skoogmusic ii-Music and Apollo Ensemble's Ensemble Dice.

The Robo-tar will work with standard switch accessible equipment for changing chords. You currently need to hold your switch down to hold the fingering on the fret-board, unless you have a latching solution to suit.

ii-Music is a pointer based version of the Skoog, which will work with anything that can move the on-screen pointer. You can Try ii-Music for free. It's around £150 GBP excluding VAT in the UK.

Apollo's Ensemble work is a little older but I've omitted to include them here before. Unlike the Skoog, you can connect a very broad range of controllers to it. Great idea.

Added this link to the OneSwitch Music section.


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