GEEK 2015 - Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility - Game Blast 2015

24 Game Blast: Games Changing Lives. Game Developer Conference 2015 Game Accessibility - and Geek 2015 Margate.

Unu: GameBlast 2015 will be running 24 hour gaming events all over the world between the 21st and 23rd of February to raise money for gaming charity SpecialEffect. Many people have signed up already to support this, including game accessibility guru Colin McDonnell and friends at the excellent William Merritt centre.

Doi: Legends of the game accessibility movement (all with links to the IGDA GASIG) will be presenting at the March Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, USA: Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility. Tara Voelker will also be running the No More Excuses, Your Guide to Accessible Game Design event. If you're here, and then you're there, you should definitely get signed up.

Trei: Meet, Make, Play at Geek 2015 in Margate, UK. I'm planning to be there on Sunday representing SpecialEffect with Shaz Hossain. We're just finalising the games we'll be show-casing, but there'll be some unique stuff for sure. A taste of what on-line action gaming was like in 1978 with 1970s phone and much more modern stuff. Geek is such a brilliant family friendly event. If you like video games, quirky, retro and modern, it's a slice of heaven. Full Geek 2015 details here.

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