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There's been a lot of game accessibility news in January, here's a little of it....

Global Game Jam 2015: "Stephen Hawking can play this" diversifier. A lot of the games didn't quite get the one-switch/one-button concept, but I spotted some very likeable games in the mix. More to come on this.

Ways to further game accessibility in the industry: Game Accessibility super-advocate Ian Hamilton posts a fine reasoning for applying pressure for greater access at many angles of attack.

XCM Cross Fire Converter 3.0: Maybe the most affordable way to get some older accessible wired controllers working on Playstation 4 (including Xbox 360 joypads).  I'll post when I get a chance to test with daisy-chained PS2 controllers with an additional adapter. Costs $59 (£39.71 on eBay right now).


EyeTeq from Spectral Edge: Very promising work in converting images live for colour-blind users. They are looking to license this technology for set-top boxes, and the like. I get the impression it may need refining, and the Android app didn't work properly for me first time, but imagine this working well and being part of computer operating systems. Mighty fine idea. More info at the BBC.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore eye gaze camera: "Only £590" makes me raise an eye-brow, but this looks like nice eye tracking kit. I can't see this type of technology being this expensive for much longer. Hope not anyway. £5 for a cheap standard mouse. £10 for a cheap web-cam. The gap seems unfair.

Roland V-40HD Multi Format Video Mixer: Through a friend of a friend then an expert at Roland I discovered the V-40HD. This looks like it will seamlessly mix a PC image on top of a game console image. This would be amazing for linking PC eye-tracking, head-tracking and heads up displays directly into Xbox and Playstation games using a Titan One link up (and possibly the XIM4 in the future). Downside is its very expensive. Would be so good to not need this kind of technology. See the V-40HD user-manual, page 35 on Compositing Using DSK (down stream keying).

I discovered some fascinating coverage of the late 1980s Nintendo Hands-Free Controller for the NES via the RNT blog. Just for information, this device does not seem to work on the UK NES, at least not the one I tried. It does work on a recent hardware emulated NES I found.

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