Why can't iOS phones do what Android can for switch gaming?

I find it strange that Apple's iOS devices won't let you connect a standard mouse. Even more so, I find it odd that iOS is really bad for switch access to action games. Especially considering how well-thought out the switch access options are otherwise.

Android has a long way to go to catch Apple up for accessibility. For skilled switch users who can comprehend the menu systems, iOS is the way to go for portable use. For switch users falling under the PMLD umbrella who might just want to make something fun or interesting happen, or any switch users who just want to play some fun action games, Android is by far the better portable prospect.

If Apple want to keep ahead and be the mobile device of choice for all switch users, they need to find a way to duplicate what can be done in the video above. Seems easy enough, and there's ways it could be implemented inside and outside of the existing switch accessibility system. Come on Apple! Meanwhile, after the break, see a list of some one-switch accessible Android games and activities...

1. Android Cause and Effect Switch Activities (UK links):

Google Camera (photography and videoing app)
Beamz (hover over a beam and press switch to trigger music)
Light Box (nice cause and effect sensory app)
WiFi Plug 2 (with a WiFi Plug device, control electrical devices with a click).

2. Pure Android Switch Games (start, play and restart with left-click):

Flappy Birds (no longer easily available - very hard)
Retro Blitz
Swing Copters (very hard)
Vector Pinball
Zyro Sky (superb accessibility adjustment options)

3. Partially Switch Accessible Android Games:

100 Ballz
Dragon Fly!
Grim Joggers Freestyle (Free version)
Jetpack Joyride
Relic Rush
Tap Rocket
Tower Bloxx Revolution
Uppercup Football (on-line version here)
Whale Trail Frenzy

4. Broken due to frequent pop-ups, system alerts or other controls being frequently needed:

Deep Under The Sky (very hard)
Super Boom Boom

5. Not Accessible as did not give access to LEFT-CLICKING to play:

Ouch! Couch (compatible with BlueStacks emulator)
One Button Sports
Past Memories
Ski Safari: Adventure Time (shame as this is brilliant)

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