Joypad Mounting Solution for £15.49

Joypad Mounted system for chin and/or mouth control. An Razer ONZA controller with illuminated A,B,X,Y buttons, RKade Freek thumb-stick extensions, and three sockets for external accessibility switches, all mounted on a simple system.

Cheap accessible mounting system for game controller. Xbox 360 system.

Articulating 11'' Magic Arm with clamp. Used for game accessibility mounting.

A "Selfie Stick" with blue-tooth button.

In the process of building a customised controller linked with the brilliant SpecialEffect, I needed to find a mounting solution. It needed to raise the joypad up to chin/mouth height and be as inexpensive as possible.

Inspired by a pair of Japanese tourists on Westminster Bridge I saw earlier this month, I wondered if a "Selfie Stick" mounted to a a small camera "magic arm" mount with clamp might to the trick. It did.

If you go to eBay and search on 11" Articulating Magic Arm Clamp, at the minute, you can pick them up for £11.99. The Selfie-Sticks are as cheap as £3.50. You can get them with a tiny blue-tooth "take picture" button for iOS or Android phones too, a potential very cheap way to give people a switch accessible camera, after soldering in a 3.5mm mono socket.

The build quality of the mounting system is not Manfrotto quality by a long way, but great for mounting a phone into view as is. For a heavier joypad, I found I had to use electrical tape to stop the telescopic joins from rotating and also had to mount the system on a table, to be directly in front of the user. Mounting at the side had too much flex.... but I think this could be resolved by using some epoxy metal welding paste around the joints that are causing an issue. [UPDATE: You can connect Xbox 360 microphones with this set-up. There's just enough room, and it makes for a very firm mount for the whole controller].

Added to the Accessible Gaming Shop: Mounting Solutions.

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