Adapting Ultra Light Switches

MERU custom ultra-light digital joystick, on velcro surface beanbag with Marblesoft Ultra-Light switch adapted for small target area.

Ultra-Light switch adapted with small surface Playstation Cross button.

Atari Space Invaders played with Ultra-Light joystick and Ultra-Light adapted push-button / switch.

This suggestion (inspired by the brilliant MERU for someone I'm supporting at the equally brilliant SpecialEffect) creates an affordable adaptation to the likes of a MarbleSoft UltraLight HD switch. The aim is to make them low-profile, with a more precise target area.

The option above requires a piece of foam or polystyrene, into which you can cut a supporting hole for your switch (ensuring it can still freely activate). To create the small round target area, salvage the shape or ABXY buttons from an old Playstation or Xbox joypad, and then glue them into place. I've probably got quite a few knocking around so if you need any, just ask. That's it!

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